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The future of education is RADIANT!


Hello Life Guides!

The future of education is RADIANT because it is in YOUR hands!

There are many reasons why I believe the future of education is radiant, but today I’d like to focus on two of the most important ones.  And also, I’d like to share why this radiant future means we need to shift how our society and how we as parents think about our kids’ education!

So, the first reason I believe the future of education is radiant is because WE, as parents, are part of an empowered and educated generation.  We are so very fortunate to have been part of a society with access to education on a large scale.  Our society, at least in the developed world, valued education, supported education, provided education, and has even required education.  We are the beneficiaries of this wonderful gift from our parents, our grandparents, and our society in general.

Really if we look back just a few generations, we’ll find a society where often kids didn’t go to school, or if they did, they might have had to leave school to go work in the fields or in the factories.  So we really should be grateful!  We are part of a lucky generation, or two, that has been granted the gift of widespread knowledge for everyone!

This fact, by itself, has really brought our society forward in sooo many ways and is probably the biggest driver behind the second reason why I believe the future of education is radiant.

During our lifetime we have been witness to a technological revolution which has brought an amazing infusion of knowledge and information into our lives.  From personal computers in our homes, to the invention and explosion of the internet and now, more recently, to the widespread availability of information we can carry with us all the time on our mobile devices.  We are now able to bring the world’s knowledge with us wherever we go, 24×7!

These two major shifts in society create a very powerful cocktail.  We now have an educated and empowered generation of adults and parents combined with the widespread and immediate availability of knowledge for everyone.  This has and will continue to transform our society and the way we all learn and progress in the future!

The future of education is radiantOur kids are so fortunate to be born in this new age!  As digital natives, this new world is just their normal reality.  But this new and absolutely radiant future must trigger a shift in how we, as parents and Life Guides, think about and guide our children along their educational journey.

For a few generations now, it has been sufficient for our society and for our parents to just require we all get an education.

But today, our world is changing so rapidly, just requiring an education is no longer enough.  Our job as parents has changed.

We must now shift the way we talk about education, and how we lead our children in that discussion.  It is no longer sufficient for us to just require that they get their homework done, get good grades and proceed to get a degree at 18 or 22 or 25 or 27…  Learning never stops.  Society is changing rapidly, jobs are changing rapidly and we all have to keep learning every day to stay current.

Our job as parents now is no longer to just require.  We must now inspire a love of learning within our kids!  We need to gently guide them along their path of discovery and help them use these new technologies in their pursuit of teachers, mentors, subject matter experts and resources (near and far) to enhance their learning.

Some might say, just turn them loose!  Let them be free to learn whatever they can from these new tools. But that would be like dropping your child off in the middle of a large city alone and without any guidance or support. We, as educated, empowered, and informed parents must use our wisdom to help our kids tap into the power of technology and use it as a way to enrich their learning and their lives.

You see, it’s not just about technology itself.  Technology alone will not bring us forward.  Technology and the knowledge it can bring to us is just one of our tools.  The key here is how we, as parents, how we, as Life Guides, choose to use those tools to feed a radiant future of learning and education for our children.

And these two key points, an educated society of parents and knowledge at our fingertips 24/7, is powering a radiant future in education! Education as we know it today will be reinvented in ways we can not even imagine. And our role as parents and Life Guides is crucial.

The future of education is radiant because it is in your hands!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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