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Mindful moments of quiet to share with your children

Pebble Meditation

The post on mindfulness was very popular last week! Many asked for more information about pebble meditation, so today, by popular request, I am sharing our pebble meditation cards. They were inspired by the simple Pebble Meditation my kids learned from Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village, his mindfulness practice center near Bordeaux, France.

These beautiful cards my son designed can be used with a set of four pebbles to share this practice with your children. Feel free to print these out for your family or share them online with your friends.

Pebble meditation cards and pebbles
Materials needed: printed cards, four pebbles of your choice and a pouch.

How to use the cards: Find a quiet moment and a spot in nature or at home, and sit comfortably with your children.

Breathing in and breathing out, pull out the cards one at a time along with the corresponding pebble.

The flower pebble reminds our kids that they are beautiful, just as they are. It communicates self-acceptance.

The mountain pebble reminds our kids they are solid and communicates self-confidence.

The water pebble reminds our kids to be calm. It teaches them to see reality exactly as it is, not as they want or fear it to be.

The sky pebble reminds our kids they are free. Free from worries. Free from their emotions. And free to be at ease with themselves.

Read, discuss, breathe, enjoy!

You can also use the cards whenever you or your child need a reminder about one of the concepts above.

For more reading on the pebble meditation, you can also check out the beautiful book “A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles.”

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