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Let's Be Life Guides!


Today’s contribution to the Learning Log is about our role as parents, and how I believe we should transform the way we think about ourselves and our relationship with our kids.

We’re all familiar with the role of a tour guide, right?

We go on vacation and into an unknown place or museum, and we often like to have someone there who is knowledgeable and can help us gain a deeper understanding of the place. For us, that tour guide is a fantastic resource that can help us quickly and deeply uncover the secrets we’d have a hard time digging out all by ourselves. They are someone we can really look up to, at least in that moment, for guidance and experience based on the rich knowledge they’ve gained about that topic over time. 

Really, if you stop and think about it, we are like a tour guide for our children! We are tour guides for them in life.

We are Life Guides!Life Guide Thumbnail

When our children are born, we become parents. It’s kind of a biological thing. We become a mom. We become a dad. But to me those labels need a bit more help. We become that person our newborns and our growing children look to for guidance in everything! We become their tour guides for life!

They look up to us and need our help and the rich knowledge we’ve gained throughout our lives to lead them into the unknown. To help them learn about the world around them. How to walk, how to talk, how to meet and interact with strangers. How to appreciate the beauty in life. Everything!

I believe we really need to step into this role. To transform the way we think about ourselves and our relationship with our kids. We need to be that inspirational guide for them.

We need to be Life Guides!

But, a word of caution. Sometimes, as parents, we are in danger of slipping into the role of a Life Guard. We can sometimes be overly concerned for their safety, for their behavior, or protecting them from failure. We can often be there only when the whistle needs to be blown when they’ve broken a rule.

So let’s be mindful and conscious of this danger of becoming parental Life Guards too much, and let’s remember that our real role, our real mission as parents is to share the world with our kids. To teach them about the world and themselves. To help them reach their full potential and discover how they, as unique individuals, can really “be” in this world and make a special contribution in life.

So, let’s be more than parents. Let’s be more than Life Guards.

Let’s be Life Guides!


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