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Mindful moments of quiet to share with your children

Mama, who is Google?

Mama, who is Google?

Have your kids ever asked you that question? What was your answer? If you google, “Who is Google?” even Google doesn’t give you a straight answer! Like all kids, I used to ask my parents everything. As a little girl I once asked my dad where all of the holes in Swiss cheese came from.… Continue Reading →

Pebble Meditation

The post on mindfulness was very popular last week! Many asked for more information about pebble meditation, so today, by popular request, I am sharing our pebble meditation cards. They were inspired by the simple Pebble Meditation my kids learned from Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village, his mindfulness practice center near Bordeaux, France. These beautiful cards my son… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Learning Log!

I want to share my personal experiences and learnings as a Life Guide for my kids with you!

I hope these stories and tips will inspire your own learning journey with your children.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with me as well!